Your medical examination – with the other side

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After you’ve had your own medical exam conducted by your own doctor or whatever personnel were on duty when you were admitted to hospital, there is still another medical step to take.

It is standard procedure in all cases for the Defendant’s insurance company to request that you attend a doctor from their own panel of medical practitioners. It’s important that you are aware of issues like this prior to your claim for injury compensation being pursued.

We will keep you informed as to when this medical exam will take place and we strongly advise that you keep your appointment where at all possible. Failure to turn up will delay your case further. What will this medical exam consist of?

You may be examined by one doctor or medical practitioner or depending on the severity and nature of your injuries, the insurers may wish to have you examined by more than one medical practitioner. In very serious cases, there may be several medical examinations carried out by specialists in different fields. 

You should note that following the Defendant’s medical examinations, the doctor’s medical report is not sent to us but is sent to the insurance company’s solicitors. As your legal team, we are always on hand to help so if you have any queries at any stage of the process, just get in touch with us.

It would therefore be helpful to us if following any Defendant’s medical examination, you send us a brief statement telling us how it went. And as with the medical examinations by your own doctors, you should always make a very careful note of the appointment date, time and venue and ensure that you are in prompt attendance.

This medical exam can be a cause for concern for many but is a crucial aspect of your case. If you have any questions about any aspect of the procedure, do not hesitate to talk to us on 1850 20 40 60.


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