What are Special Damages?

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What are Special Damages? “Special Damages” is the term used to describe the portion of an award of damages that relates to all pecuniary or monetary losses resulting from an accident. The following are some examples:

  • Medical Expenses
  • Damage to motor vehicle or if the car is a “commercial write-off”, the pre-accident value of the car.
  • Loss of earnings up to the date of settlement or trial
  • Future loss of earnings if the claimant is still unfit for work (as a result of an accident at work) at the time of settlement or trial
  • Loss of benefits from promotions that were reasonably anticipated
  • Reduced earning capacity as a result of a personal injury
  • Additional health-care and living expenses
  • Cost of any special care required as a result of the accident both up to the date of settlement or trial and the estimated cost of all future care
  • Cost of modifications to home in cases involving incapacitated claimant  
  • Travelling expenses and accommodation expenses and car-hire expenses
  • Loss of pension rights and loss of holiday pay
  • Loss of household services such as cooking, cleaning and looking after children  
  • Loss of life insurance benefits
  • Damage to any personal belongings.  

This list is not exhaustive and DJ Synnott Solicitors will take every step to ensure that all losses and expenses incurred are included in the compensation claim.

Regarding future losses or future costs, these are calculated by employing an actuary to compute what lump sum should be payable at the time of settlement in order to yield an annual or monthly payment sufficient to cover the losses and costs.

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