The ‘Settlement’ in personal injury law – how it works

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The majority of cases in personal injury law are settled outside court or without the need to go to court. In advance of your settlement meeting, it’s important you understand what’s about to happen, what role you will play and essentially how the whole thing works. Usually, we’ll meet you at the appointed time outside Court No. 1, in the Round Hall of the Four Courts (Dublin cases only). For cases outside Dublin, we’ll arrange a time and place in advance but the process will be more or less identical.

Six steps to a settlement:

  1. First of all, we will introduce you to your Barrister. Your Barrister will previously have been fully ‘briefed” about your case and will have with him our “Brief” consisting of copies of relevant material to your case.
  2. Your Barrister will talk to you informally about your case, and we’ll give you advice about the “value” of your claim. In other words, the approximate sum which a Judge would be likely to award to you in the event that your case goes to Court at a later date.
  3. As your legal team, we will then go away and discuss your case with the insurance company’s solicitor/barrister and will work hard to obtain their best offer and one which, hopefully, we can recommend to you.
  4. We will then come back to you to discuss any offer which has been made and give you our advice in relation thereto. Further negotiations may then take place.
  5. Don’t worry – you will not be pressurised into accepting or rejecting any offer. We have over 25 years’ experience in personal injury law and use only the most skilled barristers. They are there to give you the benefit of their experience and to advise you. However, it is your case, and your decision as to whether you will accept or refuse the Defendant’s best offer. Your decision is final.
  6. In addition to “General Damages” for your injury, we will be claiming on your behalf, all expenses which you have incurred as a result of the accident. Please bring with you to the meeting, any relevant bills, receipts etc. which you have not already furnished to us.

Have these steps in mind as you get ready for your settlement meeting. With an experienced legal team on hand, you can be assured that we’ll work hard to get the best result for you. Feel free to talk to us at DJ Synnott Solicitors about our approach to ‘the settlement’ on local 1850 20 40 60.