Tell me more about outlay in my claim for compensation

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Outlay in the world of personal injury claims is another area of confusion for many people. It is important to explain that even though outlay is an extra cost, it is typical that these costs are recovered from the other side. At DJ Synnott Solicitors, as personal injury solicitors based in Dublin and serving the whole country, once we agree to take on your case, we will handle all aspects of outlay for you.

The term Outlay simply refers to the third party costs involved in handling your claim. It might come in the form of doctors’ fees for medical reports or for other costs associated with your case. In order to ensure you have the best chance of succeeding, these aspects of your case must be organised and accounted for. And outlay is the term which covers all of these. These can also include Counsel’s fees for drafting, and in some cases fees of Litigation Engineers for preparing reports.

If your claim succeeds, then we can usually recover most of the outlay from the other side. At DJ Synnott, we also make sure that you have the option of paying the outlay on an ongoing basis, in which case the recoverable portion thereof will be refunded to you at the successful conclusion of your case. We understand that this may not suit everybody so we can also pay and discharge the outlay on your behalf if you wish.

If you are still considering your options and deciding whether or not you have a case – get in touch with our legal team by email or  Locall 1850 20 40 60 and we’ll explain how outlay refers to your prospective personal injury claim.