Personal injury law – loss of earnings

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The immediate effect of an accident, whether it is in a public place, on the roads, in work or elsewhere is easily seen. You might have obvious injuries which need to heal or property or equipment that needs fixing. But what about afterwards? What about when you try and go back to work and you are just not feeling ‘yourself’? This may be due to physical injury or it might be emotional or psychological issues arising from your accident. You may not be able to work at all or you might not be performing to your best. At DJ Synnott Solicitors, we see ‘loss of earnings’ as another cost of accidents that has far reaching consequences.

If you lose wages or income due to an accident which was not your fault, you are entitled to recover them. This will include income which you may have lost when you were unable to work and it also includes any time missed while you were getting treatment for your injuries. Whether you’re an employee, a contractor or work part time, this applies to you. And remember, it’s not just missed wages you should consider. Remember all the holiday pay, sick days and other aspects of your place of work that you may have missed out on. It’s important that you are not punished in any way because you were involved in an accident through no fault of your own.

Personal injury law can be a complicated issue but one rule always rings true. Once you keep track of all treatment received and you are always thoroughly honest, you will get what your case deserves once in the hands of an experienced personal injury specialist. While you are receiving treatment, you may be missing out on work or work opportunities too. Proving a lost opportunity can be tough but keep accurate records of all work-related activity that is going on in your absence. You should ensure any missed period from work is documented. It is usually not enough to ‘diagnose yourself’ and say you don’t ‘feel like’ going to work. You must get medical authorisation from a physician and they will assess whether you can work or not.

At DJ Synnott Solicitors, we are specialists in personal injury law and we’ll sit down with you and assess every aspect of your situation. From calculating your lost earnings through our own loss of earnings calculator to advising you on how to document your injuries over a period of time and assessing the effect it’s had on you, we’ll be there for you.

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