Notice for particulars – what this means for you

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The ‘Notice for Particulars’ document is simply the way that the defendants’ legal team provide us with a list of questions about your accident claim.

It’s vitally important that we complete this document with you and can arrange a phone call or consultation to help with this if required. As your legal representative, it’s important that you use our experience and insight to get the best result for you where possible.

What happens first is the ‘other side’ or defendants will send us a ‘Notice for Particulars’. This is both a list of questions and a document which forms one of the pleadings. The questions will require answers on issues like …how the accident happened… were there witnesses and who are they… the nature of your injuries…what impact they’ll have on your life as well as queries about expenses incurred by you as a result of the accident… your doctors’ names and addresses and information like this. It’s also important to send us on any receipts for expenses incurred so we have these on file too.

When we get this document initially, we will send you a copy. At this point, we need you to give us written replies to each of the questions. It is absolutely crucial that all of your replies are accurate and truthful. If you fail to disclose a relevant fact at this stage, it might seriously compromise your case.

And there’s no need to worry about legal-speak and watertight legal terms. You simply provide us with your answers in your own words and we will ‘translate’ your replies into legal wording for the purposes of putting together a formal reply. You’re probably thinking… ‘But I’ve given you all this information already.’ It would be very helpful if you could give us your answers again, unless we confirm that you need not reply to any particular questions. Some of the questions will be of a legal nature which we will deal with.

And if you do have an issue with any question or are unsure what is required, then you can contact us straight away. Or you might want to drop in and discuss these issues in person with us. The ‘Notice for Particulars’ can sometimes alarm people. It’s our job to make sure you give the right information and that you understand every aspect of the document as much as possible. We have been advising people in your position all over Ireland for over 25 years and you can be assured of our attention to detail, professionalism and approachability.
You may even have some questions about this stage already – talk to us about any aspect of personal injury or compensation law. Call 1850 20 40 60.

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