Medical exam for personal injury claims – what you need to know

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An important aspect of your medical personal injury claim will be the area of medical reports for your compensation.

For the purpose of your claim, we will ask your doctor or the casualty consultant of any hospital which you attended and any other medical practitioners to prepare medical reports on your injuries. There are certain aspects of this process that you need to understand fully and at DJ Synnott, as experienced claim solicitors, we can advise you on all aspects of the medical examinations required.

The reports we get back are often based on the notes or observations taken by the doctor at the time of your initial examination. But very often, they will write back to us and request that you attend a medical examination on a certain day, time and venue.  At this stage, we will notify you of the upcoming examination. Be sure and make a note of when this examination is and it is very important for your case that you attend. If you fail to attend, you may be liable for a non-attendance fee which will be charged by the doctor and perhaps more seriously, it might result in a lengthy delay as you wait for another appointment.

It’s perfectly OK to cancel and rearrange an appointment if it does not suit. But in the best interests of your case, we recommend you attend the examination if at all possible. If it does not suit, contact us and we will rearrange on your behalf. If you are attending the appointment, there is no need to confirm this with us. We will assume you have attended unless otherwise advised by you.
If there are any aspects of a medical personal Injury claim or a medical exam you are unsure about, please do not hesitate to ask us,  We are specialists in Medical Negligence Personal Injury Claims. For expert legal advice get in touch by Email or Locall  1850 20 40 60.

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