I had dental treatment abroad, am I entitled to a claim?

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Yes, If you have undergone dental treatment abroad and have suffered personal injury through negligent dental treatment you may be entitled to a dental negligence claim

if you were referred abroad for treatment by an agent representing the foreign dentist in Ireland. A dental negligence compensation claim must be made within two years from the date when you received the negligent treatment. In certain circumstances, you may be able to bring your claim after the two years has expired, for example if you did not become aware of your dental injury until say some months after the dental injury was inflicted, then the 2 year limitation rulemay only commence on the date you became aware that you had been injured.

Have you had dental treatment abroad?

A dental negligence compensation claim is best dealt with by a specialist personal injury solicitor familiar with such procedures. A specialist solicitor will also be able to advise you about compensation beyond what you may receive for the physical trauma, with factors such as loss of earnings, remedial treatment and other out-of-pocket expenses also being integrated into a dental negligence compensation claim.

Our specialist solicitors in DJ Synnott Solicitors ensure that making a medical negligence claim is as stress free as possible for our client and that our claims process allows us to get the very best result. Our solicitors at DJ Synnott Solicitors have extensive experience of dental negligence procedures and can determine the strength of your case.
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