How much can I get if I win my case?

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This is the big question. And while sometimes it is one of the most common questions we get asked, it’s also the hardest to answer- particularly in the early days. Should you be successful in your case, the amount of damages awarded in your favour depends on a number of factors. From the nature and severity of your injury to the circumstances involved and the long-term effects, your award is based on so many different issues. DJ Synnott is a firm of personal injury lawyers based in Dublin with 25 years experience. As our client, you would be ‘in the loop’ right throughout and we keep all our clients informed at every stage of the process.

We never like to speculate on hard figures as it can lead to unnecessary expectation. First of all, we conduct a thorough and extensive review of the initial reports. We will source these from any medical practitioners you may have attended. This gives us a clearer picture of what the next step will be. And the medical reports we receive will help us decide which court we will launch your case in. In personal injury law, the District Court which has jurisdiction to make awards up to approximately €6000, the Circuit Court which has jurisdiction up to approximately €38,000, or the High Court which has unlimited jurisdiction.  At this stage, we will analyse your claim in terms of the nature and severity of your personal injury or injuries. Have they had a long lasting impact on your life since the incident or accident? Have you been restricted from doing things that you were well able to do before? How long has it taken or will it take you to recover? What are the possible long term effects into the future? It is questions like these that we will address as we build up the complete picture on your case.

In addition to General Damages you are entitled to claim compensation for all financial losses and expense sustained by you as a result of the accident, including loss of earnings, doctors’ fees, hospital fees, medication, travelling expenses and more. It is this level of detail that ensures we have a complete insight into your case before the next step. We will engage a barrister on your behalf if your claim reaches court and they will work seamlessly as part of our team.  It’s tempting to think about figures and financial security, particularly when your accident has compromised your future career or working prospects or indeed any aspect of your life.

At DJ Synnott, we have extensive experience in every aspect of personal injury law and can advise you on all aspects of your case and your claim.  Talk to us on 1850 20 40 60 to find out more.

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