Can I be compensated for car damage before settlement of my claim?

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This question frequently arises in road traffic accident cases. Can I be compensated for car damage prior to settlement of my injury claim? 

The answer is that just one claim can be brought by a claimant in respect of the accident. Therefore it is not possible to bring a claim for compensation for injuries and a separate claim for car damage, both claims must be brought together. However DJ Synnott Solicitors will always encourage Insurance companies to settle the “material damage” (car damage) claim separately in the early stages and frequently Insurers are willing to do so.

Refusal to do so may result in further costs having to be paid by the Insurers to compensate for the additional inconvenience caused to the claimant as well as car-hire expenses and possible bank interest if a loan is taken out to cover the cost of repairs or a replacement car. It is also worth noting that Insurers must also compensate for “depreciation” to a car which has been involved in a collision.

At DJ Synnott, as personal injury law specialists, we have been helping our clients claim for road accidents, If you have been in a road traffic accident where you suffered personal injury you may be entitled to claim compensation. We’ll sit down with you and explain all your options as well as the likely outcome.

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