Accident claim news – what the 2011 figures tell us

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If you’re the victim of an accident in the workplace, in a public place or on our roads, it can feel like a lonely place. In times of distress, it can feel like you’re on your own. Today, we’ll take a look at the national figures from the 2011 annual report of the PIAB which will show you that many people all over the country have gone through what you’re going through now. The figures make for interesting reading.

When you look at the numbers initially, one statistic really jumps out. Of the three categories of personal injury…namely…motor liability, employer’s liability and public liability, the overwhelming number of cases involve traffic accidents. Motor liability accounts for over three quarters (76.5%) of all awards in 2011. Public liability comes second at 15.1% and employers’ liability comes to 8.4%. In real numbers that means over 7000 people were awarded compensation due to accidents on the road which were either not their fault or where somebody else held a greater degree of responsibility.

One of the first questions asked by potential claimants is…’how much will I be awarded’. While we hope this blog, How much can I win if I win my case? will enlighten you a little, the stats from 2011 tell an interesting story too.

Even though motor accident claims (and awards) represented the largest single category by some distance, the average value of an award was less than the other two. The typical motor liability award was just under €20,500 while the average for employees liability and public liability was €27,102 and €22,686 respectively. The highest single award was nearly €830,000 and the smallest award came in at €50.

When a geographical breakdown is examined, the figures add up as would be expected in most cases. In areas of larger populations and substantial urban populations, claims are typically more common. Dublin, Cork, Limerick and Galway take the first four positions in the table while the counties where the least amount of awards were made included Laois, Carlow, Roscommon and Leitrim.

Every day, people all over Ireland find themselves the victims of accidents and through little or no fault of their own, suffer serious injury and long term impact on their lives. At DJ Synnott, we work with these people to ensure their voice is heard and their case is considered. If you feel you may have been in such an accident and are not sure if you have a claim, simply get in touch.

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